Carlos Elliot

We are very happy to show you the video of 'Chuma'; this is what happens when we allow ourselves to share with the community, it is very inspiring to identify ourselves with so many beautiful people and in particular from de Village La Florida, Risaralda, Colombia. We wrote this song for #ElBluesDeLaParranda with the participation of Rubiel Pinillo y los Parranderos de la Florida and Bobby Gentilo. This is a new project that has been led by the foundation Músicas en Albor and our production team Right Coast Recording. Fusion of world's music and rhythms, rural dance music frm different territories but with the same spirit of sharing joy in this life.



Chuma is a neighbor very beloved by all, who accepted to be the the protagonist of the video of the song that was inspired by him. The disc that will have 10 songs and a book, will be published at the end of the next month. Video directed by  Beto Briceño and wonderful staff of great friends. So much love and gratitude for all!.

Share it! That's how we do!!! .


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