Carlos Elliot


It’s so nice to be back in the United States for our #HighVibrationTourUSA2018, we just finished our tour through the south of the continent and we’ve been non-stop vibrating in a broader and deeper perspective, that we’re so excited to share with y’all pretty soon.

We’ve been very inspired and motivated to see how community keeps growing with the vibe, and so fortunate to have linked together different collaboration networks from different territories. It’s been a busy and creative moment in our lives, and be aware the next couple months because we’re so happy to announce the release of another project from our home town called “El Blues de La Parranda”, a CD and Book that is going to be released late May 2018, fusion of traditional music with the collaboration of Rubiel Pinillo y “Los Parranderos de La Florida”, foundation “Músicas en Albor”, Bobby Gentilo and Right Coast Recording Studios. The fist video clip of this new project is the song “Chuma”, now available in YouTube channel. We are sharing here the link with y’all!:

Share it, that’s how we do it!

We’re also excited with the songs that we’re working on for our next CD, we’re now here back again to the studio, creating music, our language, the way we all can get united with something greater! Love!

with so much love,

Carlos Elliot and all our team!

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