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Indian Roots Tour 2017.

During the current year, the South American Musician Carlos Elliot Jr. has participated in important concerts in Switzerland, France, United States, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia. Now, in the month of October, he will be making his second tour in the mystic country of India, called “Indian Roots Tour 2017”.

In the “Indian Roots Tour 2017”, the singer will perform five shows in the cities of Gangtok, Allahabad, Risikes, and New Delhi. One of the most important shows, and maybe with the one with biggest impact, will be the multicultural festival of Effervescence IIIT in Allahabad, where he will be one of the stellar artists during the inaugural ceremony in the festival Arena in front of thousands of attendees. The Effervescence festival is produced in alliance with MTV Beats India and Color TV, that provides a significant media exposure throughout this country. The tour also features Kunal Nethrapal and the production and management by BBLine.

The artist keeps paving paths through new and different sceneries and festivals throughout the world, showing the diversity and universality of his music, including India which is becoming a new horizon for the music of South America and Mississippi.

 Following this tour of India, Carlos Elliot Jr. celebrates his homecoming to Colombia with a performance as a special national artist at the “Altavoz” international festival in Medellín, the second most important festival in Colombia, and renown throughout Latin America. It will be held on Sunday the 5th of November on the North Stage at the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II in the city of Medellín. Carlos will be performing at Altavoz with Bobby Gentilo of The Cornlickers and Eduardo Oviedo. Production by Cocorota Inc.

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