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We announce the release of our new single Got This Fellin’, a song from the album ‘Del Otún & el Mississippi’, which will be promoted during our seventh US tour.

After the enriching tour through the south of the continent in Chile, land of Mapuches and Diaguitas, continues the AbyaYala-America Tour, but this time up north in the United States, land of Cherokee and Chotaw.

We’re glad to share our new single ‘Got this feelin’, which shows a new sound in our music, exploring some southern R&B with a song that describes a romantic story of a love at first sight, and sometimes this love can be very elusive.

This song was inspired by the music we hear coming from jukeboxes during breaks in the Juke Joints we usually play in Mississippi.

The song's been released on Wednesday March the 30th on Colombia National Radio. The production and arrangements were carried out by our producer Bobby Gentilo at Right Coast Recording Studio in the United States and video by Alejandro Ardila from Video Colombia, south America.

The video is available on our VEVO-YouTube channel and in all of our social media outlets. The song is available in digital distribution including Spotify and Deezer among many others. Also through the new free app “Carlos Elliot Jr” for Android and iPhones.

This will be our seventh tour through the US and this time we’ll get to Los Angeles-California, Memphis-Tennessee & Mississippi. The tour continues promoting our latest recording “Del Otún & el Mississippi” from Carlos Elliot Jr. & The Cornlickers, feat. R.L.Boyce.

The tour will be underlined by the participation in one of the most important music festivals in the south of the country, the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The origin of the mythic Crossroads.

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